Brothers jailed over park bashing death

Brothers jailed over park bashing death

The man who was found guilty of first-degree murder over the death of a protester was among a group of dozens of people who were arrested in downtown San Francisco’s Fruitvale district Wednesday following clashes between protesters and law enforcement in the hours before the verdict was delivered.

In a statement, Mayor Ed Lee, Police Chief Greg Suhr, the city solicitor and members of the public who attended the proceedings denounced the actions of an “unlawful mob” who beat and attacked protesters as they entered the courthouse building. They also called for a halt to arrests.

The jury of seven women and four men found James D. Williams guilty of second-degree murder, attempted murder and the use of a deadly weapon, according to Lee’s statement. The city solicitor would have to decide whether to seek the death penalty after hearing all of the testimony that day, it said.

“I can’t wait for the sentencing to be handed down.”

Settlement of protest case could ease tensions

“We’re looking forward to hearing that verdict.”

Williams was accused of using a hammer and hatchet to attack prote우리카지노sters as they tried to enter a park in the parkland near the corner of Third Street and Market Street, authorities have said. During the confrontation, which ended with one person struck in the face, Williams was arrested near a bank on Third Street.

He will get up to nine years in prison and serve an additional two years’ supervised release after he’s released on parole, district attorney George Gascon said Tuesday. He said the verdict on the first-degree murder charge does not reflect “the entire totality of the evidence.”

Williams’ attorney cou더킹카지노ld not be reached for comment late Wednesday.

The trial began in July 2012 when San Francisco police responded to reports of several people breaking into cars parked in front of the Fruitvale courthouse on a street that was closed to traffic. During that investigation, two officers who were with Williams approached another group of people with their weapons drawn, gas and flashlights on, according to the police 바카라statement.

A man who told authorities he was a police informant said he was approached by Williams in a restaurant parking lot as part of an investigation and asked by officers that they go for Williams’ help in investigating the group of people inside the restaurant, Gascon said at the time. Williams didn’t respond, the statement said.

According to a San Francisco Chronicle article at the time, the man told the officers he knew Williams from another place on Mission Stree