No classes as cleaners strike

No classes as cleaners strike

The union representing cleaner service providers will not strike on Saturday, according to a statement issued by the UAW.

The union said that the union will continue to provide all needed cleanings at the facilities and that all employees will remain working on Sunday.

Cuts to services could also cause further impact on some workers and may prevent them from starting new jobs or continuing with regular or continuing education.

The UAW estimates that there are 1,000 members of Service Employees International Union (SEIU) in Florida’s largest state.

SEIU has called for greater funding to keep workers on the job after several recent years in which it has faced increased union membership.

It also wants greater staffing levels and for state legislators to take up the issue of reducing costs for service providers.

“There is a lot more money to be m바카라사이트ade from private businesses in the areas of housing, food, wat바카라사이트er and maintenance,” said the union’s president, Dennis Williams, in a statement. “We have to come to grips with this.”

The UAW has a contract with the state’s Department of Law Enforcement, which pays them about $1 million a year. That covers maintenance of 1,600 municipal, police and fire departments and about 250 law enforcement agencies.

There are also more than 600 law enforcement and publ바카라ic safety agencies in Florida.

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