Odowd pledges north burnett flood evacuation centre funds

Odowd pledges north burnett flood evacuation centre funds

EDMONTON – The federal government is giving $75,000 to a nonprofit group aimed at helping Edmonton residents and businesses affected by wildfires across the provinc우리카지노e.

The money was announced Thursday during a phone-in event hosted by the Alberta Emergency Operations Center that was attended by more than 160 emergency personnel from Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and British Columbia.

The funds will be used to provide training and equipment to those affected by the blaze, said emergency management chief Rob Kowalski.

“The resources we’re giving out today are going to go a long way to helping those impacted in Alberta,” he said.

About $60,000 of the funds will go towards emergency preparation and $35,000 towards damage assessment and planning.

The funds represent about half of the $45 million in emergency funding the federal government is providing to provinces and territories through the Canada Infrastructure Bank.

“Funding for a disaster like this requires federal leadership and this funding ensures that our emergency preparedness and preparedness for those impacted is provided top to bottom by the government of Canada,” Kowalski said.

The federal government is also providing funding to First Nation communities affected by the blaze, including $9,000 for $100,000 over three years.

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Kowalski was joined in Edmonton by Emergency Health Services director Peter Jones.

“People are very fortunate that our emergency personnel are so skilled, they’re so trained, they know where they can go if they feel they need help 우리카지노from their neighbours, their loved ones, the fire services,” he said.

Fire chiefs across the province have also launched a $3 million community and disaster assistance fund, which is also expected to get a number o바카라f significant contributions in coming months.

Alberta Emergency Communications and Disaster Preparedness Centre CEO Mark Henson said he was pleased about the funding.

“The funds are good that we are providing and we appreciate that we’re helping out,” he said.

Henson also acknowledged that the $15.2 million fund received through the Canada Infrastructure Bank’s $200 million program was not as impressive as the $17 million raised from Edmonton’s municipal bonds issued to help build the fire-fighting infrastructure.

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